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A Planet in Time


In the beginning of 2020 we published an article ‘Everywhen - A Planet in Time  for an online publication - The Seers' Catalogue. In addition to the article we also created an interactive WebVR Experience targeted for mobile phones or desktop




Every object has its essence in sound.

In the start of 2019 we conceptualized characteristics of this world through music, and began to design a spatial music score.

The essence of this world lies in its sound, and any being capable of achieving a state to sense this sound can observe, feel and navigate this world with its aid. Every object in this world emanates a sound attuned to its being.



“Everywhen is set in a world where space is tied with time."

“As you freely move through the world a sun will respond to your position, changing the landscape and feeling of the space you’re in.”

Top View

Everywhen Map Design Web-02.png
Everywhen Map Design Web-01.png


Map Design 

Participant Journey

Everywhen Map Design Web-02.png


Moving away from Earth





The second on the polar opposite of the first, in a desert we christened “Urad”.

We longed for a better feeling of the world, to get a closer look at it. Encouraged by Unreal’s increasing ability to render cinematic quality films, we decided to embark on a journey, creating little shorts — visual haikus, if you will — of different regions of the planet. 

The first short film was set in utter darkness, on the side of the world permanently facing away. We started thinking about what kind of life, or activity, could exist on the planet. How would it look? What was its purpose? How do we design it such that it is dynamic and sentient? 

Flat Planet Map.jpg
Flat Planet Map.jpg





The project started to bend and grow.


It couldn’t be contained within the bounds of an authorial and linear story. As it grew, it started to become a complete world, one that was open to be explored and played with.


We spent three weeks in New York in November 2018 prototyping key interactions of our experience, pushing the level of visual fidelity, interactivity and music. As we focused on the technology our relationship with the medium deepened, allowing us to work in a more powerful yet thoughtful way. It opened up a playground of tools for us to play with, which made us a lot more confident and comfortable to actually create the world we are ideating in our minds, while refining — sometimes cruelly — the story we had created over the past few months.

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Screenshot (83).png
Screenshot (44).png
Screenshot (43).png

“When the viewer begins the experience, they are approached by a mysterious Being: a pure, luminous and intelligent creature. It produces water out of thin air between its “hands” and offers it to the viewer. A connection formed, it then becomes their companion through the story, and the relationship between the viewer and Being is the basis upon which the experience is built. What/who is this Being? Is it our friend? A God? Our creator? An alien? As the viewer progresses through the experience these questions evolve constantly. The viewer advances by interacting and completing certain tasks in their environment with this Being.”

Beginning of Timeline



Being v6 & v7





We discovered everywhen in June 2018. We didn't always recognize it as a world — before it took flight, it was a linear story taking place on Earth, progressing through time from the beginning of the world to a speculative future.

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