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At the edge of our imaginations, there is a world.

It is a world stretched by our questions and wrinkled by our secrets. It is found in glimpses, in dreams, in moments of surrender, but it has always been there. It will always be there. It exists everywhen.

This project is our endeavor to know this world and share it.




A visit to Everywhen will harbour contemplation and discovery, participation and surprise.


You will feel what it might be like for time to speed up, slow down, and bend, to listen for echoes from the past and future. It may behave as a mirror for you in the same way as it does for us.

Here are some initial explorations of the planet.

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We discovered Everywhen in June 2018. We didn’t always recognize it as a world — before it took flight, it was a linear story taking place on Earth.

We have worked on it and watched it grow ever since.




Sultan and Alap have grown up knowing each other from the time they were two years old in Mumbai.

From the seeds of worlds created through combining their Lego collections in the 90's arise increasingly fluid worlds made possible by immersive mediums such as virtual and augmented reality.

In an age of borders and boundaries, they are interested in drawing on their collective memory to create experiences that underscore our fundamental interconnectedness. 


Alap Parikh is an artist and developer focusing on immersive experiences. He is fascinated by the creation of stories that explore the peculiarities of reality and human perception, and is currently exploring the shape of narrative in participatory mediums of art.


Sultan is an artist, designer and filmmaker. He creates stories through immersive technologies that transport people across space and time. He is obsessed with the invisible forces that guide the human mind and uses that as inspiration to flip his mind inside out and create new realities. 


If you want to know more or are interested in this project in any capacity, please contact us at: play@everywhen.world

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